Sunday, March 20, 2011

No. 4 White Shirt

This my interpretation of the white shirt. I used the Bernina My Label tailored shirt pattern and using David Coffin’s book and DVD I flat felled the seams and did the placket the way he instructed. It’s much more professional than the one that came with the pattern. The fabric came from G Street Fabric and is a white on white stripe.

I could not resist using the embroidery on my Bernina Artista 165E to do a monogram on the cuff. When I originally got that machine I didn’t realize how much I would use the embroidery but it’s great for things like this.


  1. I have David Coffin's book, but haven't cracked it open in a while, I love the white satin stripe, and the monogram is gorgeous!! congrats!!

  2. Thanks! It was quite a learning experience and a lot of fun.