Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just a Wee Late

Okay, super late. I had a number of things distract me from participating in this sew along - from other sew alongs to indecision on what to sew. Now that I have a focus for summer-to-fall sewing, I am ready to begin. My upcoming sewing plans include many of Tim's wardrobe basics so hopefully this will go smoothly.

I actually only have nine garments to go. I made another pair of jeans in May, but I have yet to do an updated pattern review. The jeans are black and fit nicely into my wardrobe plan.



  1. No worries Elle, the year deadline has everyone putting it off I think. Looking forward to seeing your wardrobe plans.

  2. I've been stalled by a bedroom redecoration but will be back as soon as I finished!