Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The perfect shirt dress....Donna Karan & Meryl Streep

Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope everyone is working away on their sewing resolutions!
I fell in love at the supermarket with the Vogue cover for January 2012, Meryl Streep in a pearl colored Donna Karan shirtdress. This will be my first project for 2012.

Donna Karan 2012 Pearl shirtdress vogue 2012

While perusing for the Magazine cover, I came across this short video on Meryl Streep. The dress is in the first few seconds, the rest of the video is a feature on Meryl's latest project the National Women's History Museum.

Meryl Streep Vogue video
Donna Karan 2012 Pearl shirtdress

Also I love the fact that this dress looks so much better on a real woman vs. this runway model.

(From Style.com)

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