Sunday, May 20, 2012

No. 4 White Shirt Inspiration Spring 2012

Again from Net-a-porter, the basic and not so basic white shirt for Spring of 2012.  Some more inspired than others, but a valuable basic to have in the wardrobe.  The J Crew was the most basic and nudged out a Ralph Lauren candidate because of the pockets.  The Valentino Red looks like a men's tuxedo shirt with the lace ruffled down the front.   The Karl with black contrast band was unusual, and since we own so much black it's would be a nice detail to add to any other shirt.  The Gucci just looks so soft and comfortable it had to be included.  Altuzarra with a buccaneer influence looks very nice with a high waisted skirt.  Vivienne Westwood, best for last, looks equally good tucked in or out.

White shirts 2012 spring

Has anyone seen any good shirt patterns?

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