Friday, February 4, 2011

No. 8 -Day Dress done Vogue 1220 Donna Karan

Embroidered cotton dress with self sash.... from Vogue's latest pattern releases for Spring.


  1. That's really pretty!

  2. AKA Corinne: Sorry, late to the party here. This project is really great. I don't have time or incentive but will live vicariously, thru you if that is OK? Building the basics in black is a great idea, pops of color can only enhance the whole collection. That said, for the LBD my vote is the Guy Laroche. The sleeveless component of the dress makes it so versatile. With the jacket it becomes business, classic after-dinner, or mourning. (I know, drummed into me from childhood, always have a funeral dress) Your already completed day dress is absolutely perfect. Lunch at the club or meeting old friends for brunch, feminine yet not girly-girly. Are you using S 7229 in this project? While it is not black it would be a great "blender" piece. White shirt...always essential, my constant problem is finding the right fabric. I have threatened to re-join the Vogue Fabric Club and/or the Natural Fabric Club...I don't even know if they are still around!

  3. That's fine Corinne, your welcome to join us, there is no end date per say. I'm not using the 7229, I wanted something to go with the other pieces, and maybe a bit more dressy. And am thinking the LBD should have sleeves.